Eugene Pallet Enterprises is here for all your recycling and pallet needs

Eugene Pallet Enterprises was started in 1994 to help with the growing need of wood recycling.

We ARE the original Pallet Recyclers in the Southern Willamette Valley

Our Motto is a "Win, Win Situation"  for everyone involved.  


Recycled Pallets:  

    --Reused time and time again

    --More efficent for the economy

    --We make sure our pallets are kept to the highest standard


Remanufactured Pallets:

    --Remanufactured pallets are made from dismantled lumber.  Non-repairable pallets are dismantled and the

       sound lumber is used to repair or build other pallets.  Scraps are then givin to the community for firewood.


New Pallets:  

    --We provide all types and sizes of new pallets for our customers ranging from 48 x 40 to custom designed pallets

    --Our wood is purchased here in the Eugene/Springfield area, so there is not the cost of shipping and we are

       supporting our local ecomony.